Fascia Boards

Fascia boards are placed on the roof-line and close the gap between each rafter. Fascia board maintains the condition of your roofing and is visually appealing on the eye. Sealing the gap between each rafter with a uPVC fascia board constitutes an immaculate and seamless finish while prohibiting elements from causing damage. For such an inexpensive utensil, fascia boards are highly beneficial and a great investment.

Fascia board allows for you to add character to your roof while bringing great levels of functionality. Available in a variety of colours, uPVC soffit boards can accustom to the colour and style of your roof while covering eaves. Installing a Fascia board is essential in ensuring neat aesthetics and strong weatherproofing, without them rafter beams would be exposed and therefore susceptible to weather damage.

Fascia board can also be used as a discreet ventilation method. Installing a Soffit vent regulates the air flow in your roof preventing costly problems occurring. Poor ventilation prevents heat escaping leading to condensation and bad temperature control. Condensation creates moisture build-up which can cause mould and rotting, both hazardous to health and structural strength. Fitting a soffit vent will create a good airflow in the roof swapping warm, stale air for cool, fresh air meaning numerous health benefits and excellent temperature control. Therefore having ventilation is vital and with a soffit vent can be done easily and discreetly.

Fascia boards construct a strong and durable system. The exterior cladding panels are applied over the structure of a building and creates resistance to weather elements and insulation. Incorporating cladding into your building puts you at a great advantage as it strengthens the building structure and increases resistance to problems caused by weather. Temperature fluctuations and climate change can cause cracking, mould, UV damages, humidity and increased rainfall which can all cause huge devastation to a home. Exterior Cladding prevents and safeguards the structure from these factors. Fascia boards are low maintenance and can create great visual aesthetics on any building.


Soffit boards are the boards that run horizontally from the back edge of the bottom of the fascia board to the top of the wall, closing off the roof space at the eaves.