Natural Slate

Natural slate has been used for hundreds of years. Made of natural stone, slate is a strong material with a life expectancy of anywhere between 75-200+ years. The cosmetic appearance of a slate roof is very appealing and gives an elegant look to any roof. Due to its material properties, slate has a very good resistance to harsh environmental elements such as wind and rain and can also be recycled, so therefore is environmentally friendly.

Slate is more complex to install therefore resulting in job completion time being longer. Andrews Roofing Contractors will always carry out a full and thorough assessment of the roof structure at the quotation stage to be able to advise further.

Fibre Cement Slate

Fibre Cement Slate is a modern alternative to natural slate pitched roof covering. It's more affordable and easier to install than traditional slate rooftops and looks extremely similar in design. There are a wide variety of colours and sizes available depending on your desired look for your property. Fibre cement slates are manufactured to a high quality from natural and synthetic fibres and cement along with other additives making them a very sturdy roofing material. Experts state that these fibre cement tiles should last around five to six decades. Fibre Cement Slate is also an excellent replacement for slate on older properties that want to retain that traditional style without the massive price tag. Because Fibre Cement Slate is also generally much lighter than ordinary slate it is great option where the structural integrity of the roof is important, but it also means it can be used on steeper pitched roofs and tight-angle roof valleys.