Tiles are amongst the oldest type of roofing material. They have been used on villas, homes, and offices around the world since the 3rd millennium BC. They are, however, thought to have originated from the Greek city of Lerna.

Modern roof tiles are typically crafted from either concrete or slate. However, there is a growing selection of manmade alternatives that are manufactured from metal and plastic. These are ideal for low pitched roofs or those with a timber structure.

The primary benefit of roof tiles over other roofing supplies is durability. They typically provide a lifespan in excess of 50 years, with slate tiles often lasting as long as 75 years. This is with virtually no maintenance being required.

Tiles also offer far more choice of styles. This includes a vast range of profiles, finishes, and colours. This allows you to find a tile to match virtually any type of property and to suit any taste.